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Welcome to nPlexMedia


Advertising with nPlex Media network will allow you to be seen by thousands of people every day, which will give you important traffic and push your website forward, in just a few clicks !


The advertisements shown on your website are carefully picked up to guarantee a perfect rentability in adequacy with your website. Enjoy a CPM and CPC system with prices higer than average.

NPlexMedia is one of the most advantageous avertising services in the market..

This free platform provides advertisers and editors with quality tools and services..

Offers description


  • Bid system
  • Targeting via date, country, city, browser, OS,...
  • Frequency capping
  • Transfert credit from Publisher to Advertiser
  • advertising formats : banners, html tags, popunder, interstitial ads and mobile


  • SSL ads
  • URL shortener
  • Monthly payment via Litecoin, Paypal & Skrill
  • Low payout
  • CPM and CPC campaigns
  • Dynamic high CPM
  • advertising formats : banners, HTML tags, popunder, interstitial ads and mobile


  • Same dedicated services as advertisers & publishers
  • Dedicated account manager
  • CPM & CPC campaigns
  • Ad Serving plateform
  • CPA tracking services
  • Custom offers as per request !